Friday, August 12, 2011

Irresistible Morning

Some mornings (or all mornings) you wake up and look at the world around you and all you see is beauty. I see mornings like this frequently at our house. As I see tiny details on dew covered flowers, it all amazes me.

The children love this little lantern, and I love the plants that surround it.

This flower smells so delicious and could keep my nose to it all day.

So beautiful yet dangerous.

This flower is what caught my attention for me to grab my camera. It is the first flower to bloom on this bush since we have lived here, and the morning was wet with dew.



Karen said...

that is quite beautiful. I'm assuming that you're renting right now?

Maryann said...

Actually, we are buying. It has been amazing to feel that this house was meant to be ours. We love it!