Friday, May 2, 2008

Feeling a Bit Busy

Sometimes it seems that time is ticking by faster than it normally does. Even with the days growing longer, my time is growing shorter. We have had fun here and there playing outside, now that the weather is nice.

David riding his bike

Yesterday we took our preschool group downtown to see the Memmorial Museum on the university campus. I think the children liked being together more than looking at the things in the museum. It was a museum of animals, dinosaurs, and rocks, and a few other things.

David and friends outside museum

Our preschool group

Clark turned in his thesis yesterday as well, and now he has finished his Master's degree! Yeah Clark! Now onto the PhD program for him. We will be here quite a few more years. I am happy with being here. Even though it can get hot, I really love all that I have seen of the beauties of Texas. There is so much space and so much to see. I could live here a long time. The only problem is that it is so far from our families.

Looking at the turtle pond on campus, right before Clark turned in his thesis.

We are getting my excited as the time draws closer to our new little baby coming into our family. David keeps asking if the baby is coming out today. Children are always cute in their simple thought. We have had many ultrasounds lately because I am measuring big... Not happy news to me, but everything looks pretty normal. We are very positive now that it really is going to be a boy. I am due July 23 and that is only about three months away or less now!!

Time sure is flying.

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