Saturday, June 21, 2008

All Tucked In

I was having another tired day yesterday and decided to take a quiet moment in my closet. The children followed me in and saw that I was looking kind of down and worn. They left me and a moment later came back with "presents", they brought me books. David said, "Here mommy, here are some books you can read during your quiet time." They did this several times and then started bringing all their cuddle things from their beds. (pillows, stuffed animals, blankets) Then they sang me the night time song that we always sing to them and gave me kisses and told me to go to sleep.

I thought it was very sweet that they were showing me their love by giving me all the things that make them happy and comfy. What tender hearts they have.

We road our bikes again today and saw some yard sales. At the last one we went to the lady asked what the gender of our new baby is and I told her we are having a boy. Then she asked if this would be the last one. I thought it kind of strange, since I haven't really had many comments about having children from strangers. I shrugged and said we would take them one at a time. The comment I hear the most from people around here is, "looks like you've got your arms full." It just makes me laugh, and I think sure I may have my arms full but we have a lot of fun being together!

There are hard times when the children act in ways that are hard for me to handle, but there are so many of those sweet moments too (like when they "tucked" me in) that I would never trade. I love having a family.

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