Monday, June 23, 2008

Nine months and sick?

Well, I was suspecting that Rebecca might have something. She played at a friends home last week and when I went to pick the children up I found out that the whole week their family had been going through some sickness. Well, perhaps she caught a little of what they had. I ended up cleaning the carpet a couple times today, then realized I was started to feel ill myself.

My question: Can being sick trigger labor? I hope that we can all make it through in one piece. I think having a baby at 36 weeks is just a bit too early, so hopefully nothing will come of it.

Poor Rebecca. She suddenly started crying saying her tummy hurt, and then I started cleaning up messes... I hope that no one else catches it.

Wish us luck!


Elisa said...

Oh man, It's awful being sick, and especially when you're pregnant. I hope you get better soon.

ladybug143 said...

I hope you all feel well soon! Victoria had something this week too. We found out we were exposed to 5ths disease. She had a bad fever for about 12 hours, into the night was the worst.