Monday, June 30, 2008

Weightless Bliss

We made it through the "sickly" week. We all took turns not feeling so well, but at least it wasn't all that bad to handle. We started the weekend on Friday and had a fun bike ride to our city park and played for a bit and slowly rode back home. I probably pushed myself too hard because I was completely exhausted. I was very thankful for a chance to go to our neighborhood swimming pool and swim. This was my first experience swimming and being pregnant. Let me tell you it was like being in heaven, feeling so weightless. I was so thankful to a person at church who loaned me her maternity swim suit. I hope that I can be as giving when someone has a need that I can help with.

I guess the only problem with swimming is getting out of the pool! Suddenly I felt twice as heavy as when I got in the pool!

Well, this week marks my 37 weeks. I am getting more and more anxious! The time is drawing to a close and then I will get to move into the next phase of taking care of a new little baby! Yeah!

Have a great new week!


AnonyMom said...

I remember PG swimming with Kelly-Jo. We went with the inlaws to their condo on a lake in the desert-y part of WA for the 4th of July and I was soooo miserable. (less miserable than you are now of course since I was only 30 weeks PG). I hope your last few weeks go smoothly and you get more swimming time.

Oh and I have a weird gut feeling you will not make it to the double digits (ie Benjamin orn before the 10th) I hope I am not right, but then again I know you need the relief.

Oh and one last thing, I started a blog again. Feel free to check it out if you ever get time. It is new so only a couple posts.

Love, Christy

ladybug143 said...

I know the feeling! Weightless is awesome when you are so uncomfortable! I am excited to hear about the news of a delivery! You will have to post pictures as soon as you are feeling up to it! :)

Danielle said...

37 weeks? I'm jealous. But then again I'm so not ready for this baby yet so another 10-12 months of prep time would be nice. :)

Can't wait to see pics of the little one when he comes!