Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day, a bit late

Happy Father's Day!

A fun picture just about the time we were expecting David

Welcoming David into our family
Exploring with David
Welcoming Rebecca
Daddy always having fun with us!

I always think that Fathers don't get enough gratitude when it comes to Father's day and every day. I know Clark has been the most wonderful husband and father. He does so much for our little family and seems to be the one that brightens life. He knows how to have fun and play and we always have good memories when he is home. Here is a little poem I wrote for him just for fun to remember all the good memories:
So many reasons to think of you,
The wind blows clouds and our kites with it too,
Sand castles, tents, and swimming in a pool,
Bike riding, finding pennies, and cookies that make us drool;
Building towers, eating treats,
Parking far away then walking through the streets,
Bats flying around on trips downtown,
Never a day goes by with you when a frown is not turned upside down.
Just thinking of you brightens our day,
Our family is blessed because of you...
Happy Father's Day!

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