Friday, July 11, 2008

Anticipation Building

The past couple of days I have been feeling not so great. One part of me keeps telling me that perhaps these are the beginning days of the end. Well today I really felt terrible. I ended up calling Clark home and he took care of the children and let me rest. I am not sure if resting was a good idea or not, because now I feel just fine... and the time to head out to the hospital hasn't come. Oh well.

I think the anticipation is also building for the children. They are very excited about having a new little baby and getting to "help" take care of him. Clark pulled out our bassinet box and invited the children to help him put it together, and they loved it. They kept looking into it cooing and talking to the baby they imagined would soon be in there. This made me smile and appreciate my sweet little children.

My children really are little stars in my life. Since I have had a hard time in the mornings, they often play together for what seems like an hour before I actually pull myself out of bed. David will say, "We are having fun playing together so that you can get a little more rest." When Rebecca saw me she would say, "How you feeling?" She asked this several times and different times of the day. She has a gift to be so understanding when someone doesn't feel well or happy.

"Family is everything." --Grandma


Elisa said...

Do you know above our entertainment center in our family room I have this framed plaque thing that says, "Family is Everything". I love that quote! And in fact I put it in the beginning(on the inside of the dust cover jacket) of our published family photo journal too. In Marjorie Hinckley's Glimpses book someone quoted her saying that as well. Families really are everything!

ladybug143 said...

Sounds like you do have a couple angel children! Victoria seems to know when I need more love too. I think it is such a wonderful gift.