Monday, July 7, 2008


Happy Fourth of July!

We went to the Well Branch Park festivities and they had a lot of fun free things for the children to enjoy.
David jumping on the inflatable things.
Daddy and children having a ride on the tractor train.
Coming back from the train ride.
Enjoying some juicy watermelon on a hot day.
Rebecca mostly enjoyed sitting in the stroller and observing everything.David popping balloons with darts and winning a prize. He was very excited about that.
Tossing a ball at the milk bottles.

After a nap, we went to Pflugerville Lake to get ready to see the fireworks.

Playing and waiting for the fireworks. The children really had fun with the day and I hope they have good memories, even if all they remember are the pictures. They were really scared of the fireworks, and yet they thought they were pretty. We left early because both children wanted to go home. Once we were on our way home they loved seeing all the fireworks in the distance. I guess we were too close. I haven't seen fireworks like that since being at BYU. I thought it was amazing and beautiful, especially with the lake right next to us.

We had a fun ride in the morning of the 5th on our bikes and went on an 8 mile ride. I love the chances we have at riding together. Someone from church gave us a seat that attaches to the bike, so we will be able to keep riding after our baby comes... Hopefully!

Oh, by the way... 38 weeks! (but who's counting, right?)