Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apart from the World

San Antonio Sealing Room

Samoa Temple Celestial Room

On Saturday, I had the chance to attend the temple. Clark and I try to keep up a once a month visit. This month was more complicated with having a baby, and Clark had already gone when he went to his conference in San Diego. I hope that some day I might be able to go to the San Diego Temple since his descriptions are so beautiful!

I had my chance to go on Saturday. Since Benjamin is still so small, I felt it would be too hard on him (and the others since they have to find somewhere to go and wait in the heat) to do a longer session. I chose to do Sealings.

After I dressed in my temple clothing I went to the room where the sealing are done. I got there just in time for the sealer to say he had to leave to go perform a sealing for a couple that was getting married that day, and then he invited me and the others to wait in the Celestial room for the next sealer to arrive (which was in about 30 minutes). I was a little sad by this since I was in a bit of a hurry having a one month old outside waiting for me. Then as I sat in the Celestial room, I was thankful to be forced into taking my time and enjoying the peace of the temple. I am usually in a hurry since I know my family is outside waiting. We drive down to San Antonio (~90 miles) and make it a fun family day, and that is why my family is outside waiting.

From this experience I was able to ponder all that I am blessed with and how my Heavenly Father cares for my family and me. He does love us and is there. One thing I have loved hearing Elder Bednar say in the many times I have had a chance to hear him is, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear; he who has eyes to see, let him see." If we take the time to see what Heavenly Father is doing in our lives, we will see he has helped us through everything. It is through His Son that he can bless us. Christ lifts us when we are too weak, takes our hand and leads us through when we can't find the way, strengthens us and loves us. There are so many ways we are bless and I am thankful to Him that I was able to have that time to ponder on my blessings.

The temple is a special place apart from the world, it helps us see who we are and what our potential is. We have the chance to be like our Father in Heaven.

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ladybug143 said...

Thank you again for sharing. This is something Roland and I have been working on is temple attendance. Even with a clingy 3 year old it is hard to go all the time. She really did not want me to go last time. I love the opportunity to slow down though, and think about all the blessings we have.