Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was invited to share a few quirks I have:

1- I think I am the slowest person around. I do everything very slowly, but I try to do it the best I can.

2- I just don't like cooking. I took a cooking class in high school and loved it, but I am not a multitasker and with children I just don't enjoy cooking.

3- I tend to shut down if my house isn't as clean as I want it. I love having things in order. I am getting better at just letting somethings go (such as toys) but after a few hours I have to get it cleaned up.

4- I am somewhat a loner. I love being around people but I am not very good at being social; I always tend to feel like I am out of place in social situations. I also like to have quiet alone time.

5- I always feel the need to be 10 minutes early to everything. If I make it on-time I feel late. This gets a little difficult when trying to calculate how long it takes to get the children going as well... I find myself late to a lot of things now.

6- Lastly, I think parenthood has brought out a lot of quirks in me. I know that parenthood is a learning process, but I wish I didn't find myself not as patient as I thought I once was...

We are doing well in our adjusting to a third child. The only really hard part is how very tired I am! Benjamin is now 3 weeks old. Time is already flying by. My parents have now gone home and Clark is back at research work... I am now learning ways to get through this phase of life and no time.

Like I said there isn't a lot of time and I need to keep this short. Until later...


Simply AnonyMom said...

Thank you for posting it. I know you are extremely busy.

We are very alike in #s 4-6. Next time we are in a social setting at least we can be loners together right :)

I am glad all is well and want you to know you are thougth about often.

Rockin Rowe's said...

We love your quirks Maryann!

Danielle said...

Aww, we should be friends. Except I'm a bit of loner too and it takes a lot of work to get out and do stuff these days. (plus, you live like forever away) :) I've found I don't like cooking much these days either. It's hard with kids. But I've found the crockpot to be my truest friend lately. I can throw stuff together in the morning when my kids are still sane, or during Charlotte's nap and it makes the dinner hour sooo much easier!!

And I like to be early too. It drives me nuts when people are late. :P

Elisa said...

I know what you mean about the social thing. I find that I have to talk to myself and prep myself before I have a friend over. 'okay, what are some things we can talk about.' And i've also LOVED reading Sister Hinckley's glimpses book (which I'm pretty sure you've read too) b/c in there she talked about how other people LOVE to talk about I've learned to ask LOTS of questions and I find that I actually am very interested in what they have to say and things go much smoother that way :). I've been inviting people over more often so that I can practice my social skills :)Apparently I'm a little quirky too huh :)