Monday, November 3, 2008


Here are our cute little ones all dressed up for Halloween. We had a fun week of Halloween activities. There was a party for children so young that they don't really know what to do except to wander around, but they had lots of fun anyway. Then we dropped by Daddy's work to parade through the hallways and show everyone their costumes. Although, everyone had gone home already, and that is when I decided to give David a haircut because someone new there thought he was a girl by the way his hair is hanging out. Then there was the fun Church Halloween party. The children loved getting to see all their friends dressed up. The most fun we had of all was on Halloween. We went to an assisted living center that had invited children to come and we had fun sharing joy with the cute elderly people. While we were there, we ran into friend from church and they told us about trick-or-treating down our cities main street. After that we joined those same friends and went around their neighborhood together. Holidays are always more fun when we can share it with others. (it makes family not feel so far away.)

On our way to visit Daddy at work.

I pinned ears on Benjamin to make him a puppy. It is a terrible picture, but the one that was in focus was too dark...

Walking on Main Street

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Danielle said...

What cute kids! And what a cute idea with the puppy dog ears. I didn't do anything for Grant, but he stayed bundled up anyway, so I guess it's alright. :)