Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today is the big day we have been preparing for all these months! We decided to start a fun family tradition when it comes to voting. I waited for Clark to come home and we WALKED to the elementary school just a minute away. (I emphasize "walked" because they just changed our location and it is now in walking distance!!! A big thing here in Texas--no pun intended.) The children loved getting to see the school David will attend next year, and we loved getting to vote.

Now for the tradition. We went out for ice cream afterwards to celebrate the chance we had to vote and to talk about what voting is. Our children were so happy! They would tell people that "they" voted, and they wore their stickers proudly.

Life is always a fun adventure when Clark is home with us. He makes everything so fun!

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ladybug143 said...

That is a lot of fun! Victoria got exposed to both sides of things this year. Too bad Daddy didn't win.