Friday, November 21, 2008

Quiet Moment

Last night I had a meeting and arrived at the location ten minutes early and was about to get out and go into the person's house when I decided that I would take that time and just sit in the silence. (I noticed that no one else had arrived yet) I sighed and listened to the sounds and quietly filtered in from outside. It felt better than taking a nap!
I just finished reading a set of books ("City of Ember, and "The People of Sparks") that made me think about the night sky and lights and all that we use in a different way. As I thought about this I was realizing how much the world go by so quickly during the day and we are so caught up in our lives; and when night comes and we can't see our busy little world so well any more, we gaze up into the sky seeing the endless sea of stars and realize that man is so much smaller in the whole of creation and that there is so much more to life and the world than the busy little tasks we do all day.
The quiet of the night turns my attention toward heaven and my Father in Heaven. He is there, he does love us even through all the noise and chaos of our little world. I am thankful for the chance to quietly listen.

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Barry said...

I appreciated your thoughts and can relate. Over the last few weeks I've thought a lot about how much of what I do each day is to get by or "make it" in this life. Not that those things are meaningless, but how much more meaningful are those things that I can do that will help me prepare for eternal life with my Heavenly Father and family.