Thursday, March 5, 2009

Silver Lining

I woke up really not looking forward to today. I noticed the beautiful morning and decided to sit in "mommy's special room" as the children call it, and watch the morning. Here in our area in Texas there is usually a low cloud cover every morning that gets burned off as the sun rises. Those low clouds usually blow by very fast letting rays of sun shine down here and there.

As I was thinking about how beautiful it was, I had this analogy come to mind. The clouds could compare to the darkness and wickedness in the world, and the sun represent the Son of God or Jesus Christ. These clouds look thick and daunting and often make me think it is going to cloudy and dark the whole day. Then, suddenly rays of sun light start shooting through the clouds as the sun rises in the sky. Just as the Son's light shines higher and stronger on the earth the clouds and darkness will be burned away, unable to withstand the intensity of the light. Finally, Christ light will break forth and burn away all the darkness and filling the earth with light. Even now we see the rays of light bursting forth throughout the earth shining light into the darkness, and someday in the fast approaching future His light will fill the earth and the wickedness will be burned away.
I am thankful for the quiet moments here and there that teach me.

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ladybug143 said...

I love beautiful mornings too. That is one thing I like about Nebraska, there is more sky and the sunrises and sunsets are so much more beautiful.