Friday, March 20, 2009

Temple Vacation

We decided to take another little vacation. Instead of making our monthly trip to the temple in one day, we decided to make it in three days. We drove down to San Antonio on Monday and came home on Wednesday. On Monday we went to the zoo and spent most of the day playing there seeing all sorts of things. I think it is fun that we have been to the San Antonio Zoo a number of times and yet we can still learn new things each time we go. We even rode the train this time.

Monday night we had family home evening at the temple, which was a fun treat since we haven't been able to visit a temple just to see it in a couple years. Even though we were able to go on the temple grounds we had fun sitting on a bench across the street and singing about the temple.

Tuesday we parked at the zoo and rode a "Sight Seeing Special" bus downtown to the Alamo.

Then we walked down the street making our way to the Children's Museum and we saw this fun building. I think it was a Texas museum, but we thought it was funny to see the animals on the walls.

At the Children's Museum we had fun letting the children explore all the fun. We especially had fun with this exhibit. Do you recognize these faces? (after we had fun sticking our faces in it, we realized we probably weren't supposed to... oops)

Clark and Maryann

David and Rebecca

Benjamin being cute

Wednesday we played in the hotel room in the morning, which is what the children enjoyed the most I think. They love pretending it is home. Then we checked-out and went to the temple where they dropped me off to do a session. (Clark was able to go the night before) While I was in the temple, Clark took the children to play at a park.
David pushing Rebecca on the swing

Rebecca has grown so much, she can do so many things at the park now.

We had fun being together. I love the chance to be together as a family. Family is everything.

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Rockin Rowe's said...

I'm glad I checked your blog so I could see some different pictures! Thanks for sharing.