Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being Thoughtful

After seeing or hearing a lot from people who have read "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis, I decided to read it too. I really enjoyed his "Chronicles of Narnia" and the religious comparisons, and figured this would be fun too.

I have really enjoyed it. I am amazed at how he parallels my beliefs in so many things. There are a few things that he has very different views from me on, but the similarities are amazing. He really must have been a very thoughtful person.

One of my thoughts lately has dealt with the reality that there is a God. Everything good points to the fact that he is real and his hand is in our lives. I have many favorites songs I love to sing or play on the piano, but there is one in particular "From Cumorah's Hill" by Steven Kapp Perry and Brad Wilcox. There is a song, The Power of God, that goes with these thoughts. The chorus says:

"For the power of God is plain to see, there are wonders on every hand
To those who will see through eyes of faith beyond the mind of man

For how could we hope to see his face who never could see his hand?"

Recently as I was singing this song, I really thought about that last line, "how could we hope to see his face who never could see his hand", and I came to see that if we don't attribute blessings we receive to God and see that he is in our lives, we will not know him even if we saw him. Our faith must not be based on actually seeing Him, we must first have faith that he is there and blessing us (and recognize when he is helping us) then we will come to know him better so when we will see him we will know him at once.

Another favorite song I love singing and playing on the piano is "Learn of Me" by Janice Kapp Perry. The second verse says:

"When I was yet a child so clean and pure,
I doubted not and knew God's love was sure.
I knew he lived, for every bird and tree,
By breath and leaf were witnesses to me.

But now the world would fill my mind with doubt.
And so my soul, in search of truth cries out.
How my I know? I plead to Him above
Then I recall these gentle words of love:

Learn of me and listen to my words,
walk in the meekness of my light
And I shall give you peace,
my love will never cease,

For I am Jesus Christ.
Learn of me.

I have loved this song for many years and has taught me that we are blessed when we recognize Christ's hand in our lives. Even by just looking at birds and trees we can know that Christ lives. As we learn of him he will bless us with peace and happiness, he loves us.

So, although we have struggles and there is much of chaos and contention in the world, that doesn't mean there is no God, because if we turn around and see all the good and see it with an eye of faith, we can all see there is a God and go forward and spread that light and happiness.

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