Friday, February 4, 2011


Andrew has been smiling up at me when I talk to him. It lights up my day and I just can't get enough of his smiles. Each time I get one it feels like a treasure. He is such a sweet boy. I finally caught a great big smile!

A few pictures, in reverse order. The news from the home-front is that we received snow. The children had fun playing in the inch that fell. They couldn't last very long, and looked so cold I just had to snap a picture. This look says it all: "Mommy, please warm me up."

Here is proof that the snow really did fall, and it was enough to play in!
Our Winter Wonderland.
Playing in the snow with sand toys.
How do you dress like a ballerina when it is cold?


Gaylene Wilson said...

that cold face picture is so funny. That's how I feel whenever I open my front door...

Rockin' Rowes said...

I love it! What fun memories. Snow in Texas.

Danielle said...

Oh I just love those first baby smiles! Adorable!

And check out that snow!! Brrrr.