Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Lasting


Way back in 2005, we took a family trip to visit my brother. While we were visiting we visited a HUGE Goodwill store. We thought it was amazing! While we were there, we found this cute car and decided we could fit it in our car to bring home. Way back then we only had one child. This car has been a favorite with the children for many years.

The children love driving around and scooting, but best of all-they love pushing each other. Even now that some of them are getting too big to fit their legs in, they still love finding a way to ride around in (or on) this car.

I think everyone likes to push Rebecca because she has the best laugh that accompanies it. Her laugh is very contagious.

We loved that Goodwill and wish we could find one where we live. Thank you for the great fun, little car, you have made lots of memories and hope for many more!


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Karen said...

I love the comparison pictures. How cute! I love a good buy like that.