Saturday, February 12, 2011

Always Giving

When you look at this picture the first thought that probably comes to your mind is, "Oh cute, Maryann is so creative." At least that is what I imagine most people think about many of the cute edible things we give them, whether it be dessert or dinner.

The truth is, I never make them. All the compliments and gratitude should be given to Clark. Clark is the one I would like to direct your attention to. I know there are many men out there that are good husbands and fathers, but I feel I have claim on the best. I had been thinking of what the cute things I could do for some friends of mine, and he made these and wrapped them.

Or, we will have friends over for dinner and they will look at me and say, "Wow, this is delicious, thanks for having us." Then we will reveal that Clark did everything. He is amazing.

We start running out of things to eat, and I start thinking I need to figure out how to get my load of children to the store; every time, Clark comes to the rescue and lets me stay home. He will even take a few children with him and let me have quiet time.

When we are sitting at the table and I even look like I would like something, he will jump up and give me more or get me a drink. He is so considerate, and it isn't just because I am holding our baby- he does in any situation.

If he can, he will race around the car to open my door as well. This one has become harder for him to fulfill because of the children that also need help, but he will try if he sees a chance.

He is also very good at forgiving and forgetting. If there is a moment of contention or trouble he will deal with the moment, and then he can laugh and joke immediately after. I watch this in amazement because I tend to hold onto my negative feelings and have a really hard time just letting it go. But it never fails that he can get me laughing again when I have been upset.

Clark really helps build our family in many ways. I could keep going and writing more of the many things he does; but the point is, he is wonderful and we love him!

Happy Valentine's Day!