Friday, October 5, 2007

Preschool Week

I was able to take my turn this week in teaching our preschool group. I was lucky, though, and only had to teach one day and the other day we went to a Christmas Tree farm for Pumpkin fun!

I loved getting to teach about pumpkins since Fall, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are what make up my favorite time of year! The children were silly, but I think they learned a little about pumpkins. I cut a pumpkin open for them and they all looked at it and put their hands on their noses and said, "ewe that's stinky!" Some were brave enough to put their hands in. My favorite part was piling a corner with blankets and making a cozy corner for reading books. The children actually sat and listened and wanted me to keep reading! They were all so cute snuggled in the blankets and listening to the pumpkin stories. Then they made their own little paper plate pumpkins. In spite of being tired, things went very well.

The pumpkin patch was fun too. The hostess read the children a couple of pumpkin books, then we all climbed up on a wagon for a tractor hayride. Our group was so large we used three trailers. Then we ate lunch and went through a corn maze. I think the children were all worn out by the end, when we decorated the pumpkins and then went home. I loved that they have animals for the children to see as well. I wish that Clark could have come with us, that would have made the fun complete! Enjoy the pictures of the week.


Chris said...

Last night I was thinking about you and wondering if you still had your blog. Then today I get an email saying you started again! COOOL!

The preschool and pumpkin patch looked so fun. We will be taking the kids to a pumpkin farm soon. I am excited about it.

Maybe I will take your lead and let them se the inside of one as well as the pumpkin stories.

Thanks for the great ideas!

Elisa said...

I would love to put together a preschool program like that, but most of the moms here that have kids that age work. I love this month too! so many fun activities to do.