Friday, October 19, 2007

Sick Days

Since the last post we have gone to a pumpkin patch. I really wanted Clark to go to the pumpkin patch (really a Christmas tree farm) that I took the preschool group to. We went on Saturday, when they had a pumpkin festival; it was so much fun to be all together as a family.

We have also had fun flying a kite at our little park. David loves standing there watching it fly. He has been asking to fly a kite for a while, but Clark needs to be home since it is hard to keep Rebecca close by while we try to fly our kite. She likes to wander to the swings.
The rest of the week we had to take pretty slowly. David didn't go to preschool since he, Rebecca, and I were all sick. We have done a lot of resting. Thankfully, I think we are through it and are on the mend now.

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Elisa said...

We've been sick too! The kids and Scott had it last week and I've got it this week, but luckily it's nearly gone now so I think tomorrow we'll try and go to a pumpkin patch or something similar, it looks like so much fun!