Friday, October 12, 2007

Relaxing Week

This week was a little relaxing, especially after doing Preschool last week. I can't believe it was only last week; it feels like it was two weeks ago. I guess that it how it goes when there are more activities in one week.

We enjoyed watching General Conference and learning ways that we can strengthen our family. I can't wait to read the Ensign edition that has all the talks written. Watching conference was fun and yet hectic with the children running around and not wanting to sit for two hour stretches, but we made it and tried to make it fun for them as well. I felt so happy inside when David would talk about what someone spoke of or a word he recognized. He especially picked up on the talks that the people would mention the apostle Paul. That surprised me.

I have also been having fun doing all sorts of reading. I love reading the Hymns and trying to remember the words. Now that I can't sit at the piano hours at a time and play all the Hymns, I am starting to forget lots of words. I am still reading "Fishers of Men" by Gerald N. Lund. I really enjoy that as well. I get a perspective of how people lived back in the day of Christ's ministry on the earth, also the culture and traditions of that time. Clark brought me a book home from the University Library called "Christy" by Catherine Marshall. So far I have found it to be a very interesting book, very addicting too. I love reading.

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