Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Starting Fresh

I decided to start fresh with our blog. Here you can see the weekly progress of our family. Yesterday was a big adventure for me (Maryann) and the children. I took my turn in being the Preschool teacher (a group of six mothers take turns by the week). I had so much fun and I think the children did too. Tomorrow we will take a field trip to a farm that sells pumpkins in the Fall and Christmas trees in the Winter. I took the children last year and am excited to take them tomorrow. I will put pictures on later.

We are all excited to listen to the prophet and apostles this weekend for General Conference. I used to think these were the longest weekends of my life when I was young and struggled to pay attention. Now I feel it is too short and I just can't get enough. Thankfully I have learned that I can study those talks forever more and get more in six months. I miss getting to see it on our television in Utah, but at least we can watch it on our computer here.

We are doing very well right now enjoying the beautiful Fall weather (90 degrees still here in Texas). We are now in October, one of the greatest months in the year, with my birthday in it. Lots to celebrate now! Have a great time enjoying the Fall season.

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Chris said...

What an ADORABLE picture!!!