Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They Spoke to Us

Picture David drew during a talk on temples

We had a wonderful General Conference weekend. For those who don't know what this is, it happens twice a year where our church gathers world wide to listen to the prophet and apostles and other general leaders. You can find the talks here.

Our family has a few traditions we keep during this wonderful meeting that we watch on our computer at home. We have a bowl of candy for good listeners, the children pick a word to listen for (for example: "love"), and when the good listener hears that word they get to eat a piece of candy. The children really love this game and it also helps them to listen.

From early on in our marriage Clark and I have enjoyed eating deviled eggs for our lunch during one of the sessions. I don't know why we chose this, but I think we had it once and loved eating them and just decided to make it a tradition.

In the past, Clark would come home from Priesthood session and I would sit with him and eat ice cream and hear all that he heard there. We haven't kept consistent with that, mainly because it is too late for ice cream for us; however, he still tells me all that he heard. I am amazed at how well he relays the messages to me. When I go to read them later in the Ensign I feel like I already heard the whole talk before, and then I remember it was Clark who shared the talk with me.

I love listening to the Prophet, the Apostles, and the General Authorities. I feel more determined to live a Christ-like life, to be better in my life, and serve others more freely. My testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel is strengthened. I love General Conference.

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