Saturday, April 18, 2009

Comfort and Discomfort

I wanted to share some good news. Our Stake Relief Society service project is to make quilts and at our Women's Conference we will gather together to tie them. These quilts will then be sent to the church's Humanitarian Services where they can be given to those in need. I volunteered to sew a quilt and here it is. I am excited because it is the first quilt I have ever sewn together! I hope that whomever ends up with this quilt will find it sturdy and cozy.

Now for the uncomfortable part... When my in-laws were visiting, they sounded sad that they hadn't seen any fire ants yet. I thought I would do them a favor and send a little video of a colony living near my house. This is why we are very careful not to tread on their big, beautiful homes. (Fire ants are very aggressive; they first bite you and while holding on will then sting you)

I hope you enjoyed that. If you can't see very well, the dirt looks like it turned red but that is really lots and lots of ants pouring out to attack the disturber. These ants build mountains all around and the mountains seem to get bigger just after a rain storm. I always thought it was interesting that one of the first things our little children learned while they were still very young is to spot a fire ant colony. The things our children learn to stay safe.


Clark Siler said...

Watching the ants sends a shiver up my spine--imagine if a child stumbled upon that ant mountain... and they're everywhere!

That looked like a living volcano. Creepy.

Rockin Rowe's said...

Wow! That is amazing. I hope you didn't get bit getting that close to the anthill.