Monday, April 27, 2009

Corrizo Springs, Texas

A friend of Clark invited our family down to visit his hometown, Corrizo Springs, to visit the biggest onion farm in the world! (see Dixondale Farms here) His family told us they pretty much supply most of the nations onions, it was all amazing. To top it off, they had five Daschunds for the children to play with. Rebecca took to the cute little dogs quickly and was running and chasing them. David was nervous at first, but then quickly made friends. They loved them so much, especially one named Beans.
Here are a few fun pictures of the trip:

On our drive down, we took a rest stop. We had a good laugh that this water spout was right next to a sign that said "Danger High Voltage".

Rebecca is our little cowgirl. When we visit farms, she always climbs the fences to watch everything.

Benjamin was amazed by the animals. He was watching them so closely. The little kids (goats) sounded so much like Benjamin, or maybe Benjamin was imitating them.

David loved taking pictures of all that he saw, too bad we forgot to take a picture of them with the cute dogs. Here they are learning about the irrigation system and also looking at cantaloupes.

The family let the children pick a bunch of onions to take home. David wanted to keep picking the whole row. We we arrived at the farm and opened the door, there was a delicious smell of onions in the air. What a good smelling farm!

David picking away!

They also let David and Rebecca take turns driving this giant tractor. David did well, stayed mostly on the road.

This gives you an idea of how big this thing is. It has four giant wheels in the back and the two smaller ones in the front. The biggest tractor I have ever seen!

We had a lot of fun visiting this little town and spending time together. Although, we are always so happy to come home. At least mommy and daddy are... I have found the most fun I have on trips is seeing my children have a wonderful time. We had fun driving down and playing games and reading books. I drew on a sheet of paper all sorts of pictures for the children to look for on our drive, put it on a cookie sheet and gave them some magnets. They had fun finding the matches to their pictures and putting magnets on it, when they used up all the magnets, they would get a treat. Then, when that was all done, we pulled out a bag of books and read books the rest of the way. Good memories.

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Danielle said...

That looks like it was a blast! What great memories your kids will have! :)