Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Photographer

We took our usual trip on Wednesday to San Antonio to visit the temple and decided to go to the zoo again. We love visiting those wonderful places. This time we let David take pictures of things he liked. We were given an old camera from a friend and Clark thought it would be fun to let David use it for picture taking. Here a two of my favorites:

I love getting to visit the temple. While Clark did a session, I took the children to a nearby park and we had fun playing in the cool morning air. The children have grown so much, they are able to climb everything and play everywhere, they especially liked the dome. They climbed all over it, even Rebecca!

Benjamin and I had fun swinging and then when he got tired, he liked staring up into the trees and watching the birds. We love bird watching around here because there are so many different kinds of birds: Mockingbirds, Finches, Doves, Red-winged Black birds, Grackles, Killdeers, Scissored-tailed Flycatchers, Cardinals... Just to name a few, and those few I have spotted around our house and neighborhood.
We love watching nature. Yesterday we found a poor little baby bird and were sad to find that we didn't know how to help it. So we tried to keep it safe and hope that the parents would be able to help it too. Spring is so beautiful, but I have been so sad to see the reality of living in a world where there is opposition in all things, where the young little birds and nests are exposed to so much danger. I will try to imagine that the little bird finally was able to get off the ground to fly back up into the trees and be safe from the harm on the ground.
Those are my thoughts, and now we are off on another adventure to explore the South end of Texas! Away we go!

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Rockin Rowe's said...

I love the picture where Rebecca is holding up the lizard face. Pretty cute!