Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and a Visit!

We had a fun time this weekend, especially because Clark's parents came to visit us! Yeah! The children loved having Grandma and Grandpa for Easter. They loved having them read books, play at the park, and go to church with them. Unfortunately they had to leave to go home yesterday, this morning David and Rebecca were taking turns standing at the front door sadly calling to Grandma and Grandpa to come back. "Grandma.... Grandpa.... Come back..." Thanks for visiting us!

Here are some fun pictures of the fun.

Grandpa reading to the children.

Benjamin loving his Grandma.

David and Rebecca getting ready to go on an egg hunt! Our hunt was done by the Primary out behind the church, it turned out to be really fun!

Counting all her eggs she found.

David finding eggs.
Rebecca enjoying Easter morning.

David enjoying his Easter morning. You might notice the olives in the background. We decided to add something to their Easter treat that might remind them of Christ and the real reason for Easter. We put olives in and when the children asked why, we told them of Gethsemane and how it was an olive tree garden, etc. I hope to continue the tradition of adding something each Easter that will help us remember the real reason for Easter: Christ's sacrifice and resurrection.

Rebecca ready for church.

Benjamin on Easter, munching his toes.

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Anonymous said...

So glad they had a good time. They talked about visiting you the whole time they were here. They were so excited to meet Benjamin.