Friday, May 8, 2009

Accomplished Accomplishment Night

We had an amazing Enrichment night last night. I have to say that if I hadn't been assigned to help with the Enrichment board a couple of years ago, I probably wouldn't attend as often as I do. For some reason when there are activities I get "socially" nervous and feel I would be more comfortable just staying home with Clark. Since I was assigned to help a few years ago, I have really come to see that I love Enrichment and always have an uplifting experience. Someday when I am not assigned to help, I now have the foundation set that I will continue to attend this meeting even if I am not involved in making it happen.

Last night we wanted to focus on each sister's talents and abilities and allow sisters to display their talents or accomplishments. Later we played a service game similar to the White Elephant Gift game. Once again I always get worried about playing games too, but once I join in I always have fun. All of us were laughing most of the time, it was a great game. Of course we did sing the song I posted about and it turned out beautifully. The eight sisters that helped did an amazing job singing, even after only two times of getting together to practice (or less for some of them). My prayers were answered as well with my part in the song of accompanying, and I was able to play the song with the Spirit and not make noticeable mistakes. (although I know I did make a few mistakes they were very minor) I was filled with so much gratitude to my Heavenly Father that everything went so well.

I left the meeting filled with love for the sisters in our Relief Society and a greater desire to serve. The Relief Society is a divine organization and is inspired and led by the Spirit. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am filled with love, peace, and happiness when I am doing my best to be His disciple.

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Clark Siler said...

It seems that everything you touch turns to gold (not literally, of course!).

I'm thrilled that you had a great night and that you were able to showcase a few of your many, many talents.