Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Artists

We have been a little worn and tired lately and as a result only did something small for Grandmas for mother's day. I had the children paint pictures and I was amazed at the fun things they came up with!

David did this with his watercolor paints and paint brush. He came up with the circles and designs himself and only used his paint brush. I thought it looked like it would make a nice design for a card.
Rebecca did this one and she is the master of color. She meticulously painted open spots with different colors. I love how colorful everything always turns out!

These pictures below were a "thank you" to the family that let us stay and visit Corrizo Springs.

David has been drawing bouquets of flowers and hearts in most of his art. The black dots make up a picture of one of their dogs.

Here is another example of how colorful Rebecca's art is. She likes to use most of the colors and fill the whole page.

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Rockin Rowe's said...

Those are beautiful!